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Two startups enter, one leaves: Intel kills off much-delayed Nervana AI training chip, pushes on with Habana


Good suggestion. I thought I would look it up. Found 86 for sure. I know they spent about 6-8 billion in the late 90's early 2000's for Cell phones and Arm chips used in them and bought an arm license(Then sold that to Marvel for 600M or so 2006ish) and I don't see those acquisitions on the list so I know this is not even close since the list only goes to about 1999s or so. Plus all of the cell phone acquisitions that they used to get into the cell phone modem again in the last 5-6 years since a certain fruit company was going to buy them and then Intel sold that group to the fruit company for cheap. Since the list starts at 1999 or so, its missing all of the chipset consolidation as well. Each time they get a new CEO, they chase a new shinny object which is about a 4-5 year cycle. The CPU and design and manufacturing they are kings at, although the manufacturing has been their undoing during the last couple years impacting their design in a very "challenging" way and it will be interesting to see how they adapt to new battles but they will catch up again.

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