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"I can't remember that last company Intel acquired that actually sold a chip."

Intel (Infineon) XMM cellular modems are used by all laptop manufacturers. My laptop got one.

I'm not well versed on Intel acquisitions, I don't know how many hardware companies they've bought, except fo C&T, which 20-odd years ago was the basis for their graphics division and probably still lives in their GPUs. (in a shoulder-of-giants kind of way)

"Now if your a startup trying to sell your company and don't mind seeing your work destroyed after they give you hundreds of millions, then you gotta love them."

Intel reportedly paid about $400M for a company without any products and with <50 people working for it. I'd be happy to cash in unless I knew the company was worth more than that. Perhaps the original owners thought the same, or perhaps they were running out of money and Intel was their last resort, who knows.

The article states that Nervana under Intel was still led by its co-founder. Despite Intel's massive resources they couldn't ship a product. Perhaps the product design was faulty from the beginning, or required still unavailable technology, or the co-founder didn't have the skill to lead the project to fruition.

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