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New (again) to gaming here

The last game I'd played until recently was Doom 2 back in the days of DOS. Recently treated myself to a PS4(pro) and Doom. I loved the original games but got fed up this version very quickly. There is no save feature other than the auto-save which only kicks in too infrequently for my liking. As a novice of using the PS4 controls to aim and shoot I was constantly getting killed and having to redo every section again and again and again, which got tedious to put it mildly. The scenery was getting tedious too. Open a door, similar looking corridors and rooms and full on with monsters ad-nauseum. I gave up on it in the end.

I've tried several other games now and my absolute favourite is "The Outer Worlds". Depending on your chosen difficulty level you can consider it a first person shooter game or more of an RPG adventure, exploring different planets and cities, fighting monsters and bad-guys. You have an overall mission but get involved in sub-missions, some for your colleagues and some for the sheer fun of doing a bit of smuggling. It is a vast open game and very addictive. The Mrs complained about becoming a gaming widow! I've tried other similar RPG games but none so far are anywhere near as good as this one. My pennyworth for all it is worth. It certainly has much more depth than Doom.

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