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Re: "if you build bandwidth, people will happily use it to the fullest"

What I pay for broadband internet with the local cable provider is getting so rapacious that I'm thinking of switching to only having cell service. I can add another line with both lines on an unlimited plan (for a certain amount of unlimited) and a mobile hotspot for a bit less than my 3gb phone plan and the cable. The added bonus is I can drag my laptop around and have internet just about everywhere I go. When I'm home, I can plug the phone into the router and use my desktop just like I'm going now.

The cable company has been increasing my bandwidth every 6 months or so. The problem is that it's just me here and I can't get anywhere close to using it all. I don't stream stuff and all of my media is local. Their one-size-fits-all is several sizes too big.

There are options for people that are in the middle of nowhere, USA. The Rural Electrification Program isn't a good model to compare with. Part of the problem is that it has never gone away even after the job was one. This new program isn't going to connect very many people and once in place, there may not be any money for maintenance and upgrades later on. Just dead wires connecting dead trees together.

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