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FCC lines up $16 billion for broadband across entire US. Well, except New York because, screw them, right?

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"if you build bandwidth, people will happily use it to the fullest"

Actually, there are now data that shows that broadband in poorer areas is not adopted as fast as many could think - especially when for many the main way to access the internet became their smartphone. Actually to see the advantage of real broadband (from 100Mb/s onward, and especially 1Gb/s) you also need the hardware needed to exploit it, and be able to use and often buy the services that make it useful. When just using Facebook having 15 or 100Mb/s doesn't change much.

While some less rich people will of course use it to torrent to death - which still needs some hardware investment at least in storage, others won't see much use of such fixed line speeds. In some countries governments are even thinking of offering "vouchers" to get people on broadband - which could be a futile attempt.

Of course that's different in more affluent areas where households may be used to pay for services like cable or satellite television, and there could be multiple users at the same time with powerful enough hardware - and not a single low-end PC or console probably shared across the whole family.

I'm not saying broadband should not be delivered to such areas - they need it too - just saying the investment will be repaid in far longer times, and that's something that should be accounted for. That's moreover what most telcos fear - and that's why that has to be deployed using governments funds.

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