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> Isn't it time UK government took an interest in this natural monopoly that was handed to Nominet

Will never happen: Money talks, and it talks louder then you and me.

See ICANN and the other self-serving pseudo not-for-profit organizations who are managing a potential gold mine: It's only time before someone decides that if somebody is going to get rich here, it might as well be himself.

The only way to make sure there is no abuse is to regulate the hell out of it, make sure they can't even cough without general approval of some independent assembly with contradicting stakes in the business (to prevent everybody agreeing to pillage the cookie jar). But who would impose this, and on what motives? And why would the perpetrators just throw out their leather seats, luxury cars and gourmet dinners for monks' clothes and some dry bread and water? The first won't bother, and the second will fight it fiercely.

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