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Let’s check in on the .org sale fiasco: Senators say No, internet grandees say Yes – and ICANN pretends there's absolutely nothing to see here

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Re: The obvious answer.

> should all be arrested and charged with fraud

Will surely happen!... -Not. No, it will just be their turn to release some brown envelopes to whomever needed, now they're swimming in dough, and it will be "move along folks, nothing to see here, let those good people do their job".

Not to mention that, following the old saying of "my enemy's enemies are my friends", now Democrats have shown they are critical, ICANN will get the unfettered support of the Republicans (certainly sweetened by some gifts of appreciation from ICANN's side). It's so easy to play mom against dad in the US, your chances to have to go to bed without dessert are vanishingly small...

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