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What's Swift even supposed to do?

As a former iOS developer (Objective-C) who never made the transition to Swift, I have to ask what Swift as a language targets. I know Apple created it to replace Objective-C, possibly to rid itself of decades of (NeXT) legacy. Yet Swift as a language seems to have no specific features that make it special, or so I thought.

Now it's supposed to be efficient and memory safe? So it's like Rust, but presumably better? From the bit I have used both, they do seem quite similar, with the inferred type system, the abstract symbol-based syntax and a lot of features that seem to be inspired more by languages like JavaScript and Python.

To be fair, I thought that Swift would be like Objective-C: just an Apple language which nobody outside of Apple's ecosystem would even touch, much like how Objective-C is practically dead now that Apple cast it to the side.

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