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It amazes me it's still so popular, but then again...

Right, it's crap. We know this. Yet for some reason it is still used out of the box.t.

Where I work we're now all on Win 10 and 365, generally locked down but you can add Chrome and Firefox. This means that with Edge and IE we have four browsers to choose from.

Only IE and Edge are installed by default, and most don't even know how / why they would install the other options. I know this to be a fact as a large percentage of the people work with struggle to get certain web based systems to function or even display on IE (easy fix, use any one of the others). Yet guess what the default browser is set to? Guess what option Admin has stopped us (as users) changing?

So even when there is a newer offer by default, the system still reverts to IE. Which is broken and crap. And to help with this we can download others, but they won;t change the default (or can;t?)

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