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@@ ["What could be possibly involved: a website, a catalogue database, some software and terminals for checkout, a few public terminals in each library, and that's it. That's nothing really new, you know... I mean it's the stuff of high school projects."]

This was more tech than libraries in the UK had up until 1990s, when there were more libraries so on the subject of who has worked in libraries then that is a very interesting question.

Admittedly no real DRM or public internet access until late '90s with back end on country mini with serial terminal access until 00's, then content management switched to web interface ( 10 medium spec PCs and 4 client facing in a city library, up to 2 of same per village library) with DRM and public internet on separate stand alone systems before funding cuts shut virtually all of the libraries down. So in 00's regional library interface in a small city was equivalent typically 100 windows PCs plus peripherals i.e. less than a retail call centre. Now you could provide the client access via Raspberry PIs instead of PCs instead and save a bundle since the back end is doing the heavy lifting and is perhaps, on say the then UK scale, equivalent to a small size logistics company customer support centre in terms of access tech.

This based upon actually building, installing and supporting the client systems for a small city effectively solo, except for delivery, over the course of roughly 6 weeks at the start of the 00's. Imaged and SSID swapped NT4 client PC came out of box, put on desk, boot, add static IP, confirm connection to web system via IE, add printer, next. Regional back end was a NT4 server cluster, providing WINS, domain authentication and web hosting behind that was the national mainframe. Not exactly rocket science but it did the job and onsite support was at most equivalent to a visit per week across the city per year.

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