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Are the Russians coming?

Regarding the Georgia election server hack...

The Republican Party candidate has won the gubernatorial race since 2002.

The Democrats have come closer to winning in recent elections.

If the Russians did adjust the vote count in the last two elections, one could argue that it was in support of the Democratic candidate.

Based on what I've read, we're never going to know one way or the other what was done or not done in terms of vote count manipulation.

If the Russians (i.e. ultimately the government) are responsible, then it demonstrates the following:

1. The ability to kick American ass.

2. The ability to sow dissension and create a sense that one's vote is a failed endeavor.

Do we know if the Russians really did it?

The election server was housed at a college. Was it using the college's IP range?

Hacker(s) use automated attacks and those attacks are sent against IP address(es)/ranges.

Without additional info, it's not impossible that the hacker(s) realized that the attack had compromised an election server and then ran for the exit.

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