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UC Berkeley told to cough up $5m in compensation to comp-sci, engineering students recruited to teach classes


Only in California can you follow the rules and still get shafted. I can't believe I am defending Berkeley. If the rule was over 10 hours per week(25%) and you have to pay them extra benefits and wages, and they had them work 8 hours per week(20%) I don't see what the problem is. They worked under the weekly amount and thus don't deserve the extra benefits. Seems to me that Berkeley is getting shafted by the union. If it should be 8 hours per week, then make the rule 8 hours per week. Or make it ANY employment gets extra benefits. But don't set a rule and then think it's unfair that they are "trying to get around the rule by having them work just under". Your rule sets the behavior. Don't complain about the behavior.

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