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I take it you never worked in Libraries then.

"What could be possibly involved: a website, a catalogue database, some software and terminals for checkout, a few public terminals in each library, and that's it. That's nothing really new, you know... I mean it's the stuff of high school projects."

I showed this to the other library staff I work with and there are some lunches and beverages that have become ejaculated forcefully from their owner's mouths.

I am even going to print your quote and put it on the wall in our office. I will of course give you full credit.

I wish I had time to fully explain the role that technology plays in libraries and how we manage data, metadata and digital archives etc.; however my time is limited and I wouldn't even know where to start.

Do some research or better still ask a librarian for some help bringing you up to speed :)

Mine's the coat with the tattle tale strips in it, because RFID is really shit at securing books in libraries.

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