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Bit more than that, though

Over 100 sites accross N Ireland to manage


Book ordering

Stock transfer and management (perhaps 5,000,000 items (books, periodicals physical media, etc) give or take)

License management for digital lending media

Physical movement - perhaps 20 vans moving stuff - including vehicle route planning and real time gps tracking.

The mobile library service uses 3/4 & satellite comms for web access (this was done before ubiquitous 3/4 G in Northern Ireland rural areas)

800+ staff - perhaps 1500 pcs (with half in public access areas)

securing 8-900 public access PCs with web access (porn filters etc)

Interfaces with school libraries service (1300 schools)

Events management

Production of content.

No microfiche anymore.... There was until quite recently.

It is a bit overpriced, though

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