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Shhhhhh: Fujitsu bags another £12m from Libraries NI as bosses fail to bookmark replacement

P.B. Lecavalier

£25m over 5 years

"a five-year deal worth £25m in 2013"

How do you justify such a price tag for... libraries IT? Did they move from index cards and everything on paper???

What could be possibly involved: a website, a catalogue database, some software and terminals for checkout, a few public terminals in each library, and that's it. That's nothing really new, you know... I mean it's the stuff of high school projects.

What's the population of Northern Ireland? Slightly below 2 million. With that money, you could build or expand several libraries.

We have reasons to believe that this procurement was rigged, and now that it is quietly extended means one of two things: incompetence or corruption.

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