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This is not journalism

"Adding to the sense that the entire transaction resulted from insider knowledge and careful manipulation..."

What "sense" is that? Who, exactly, are you accusing of "insider knowledge" when PIR isn't a traded stock, so not one shred of insider dealing can possibly be involved?

Of course people are careful. ISOC is being careful to keep its 501(c) status, as is every non-profit with a measureable budget. It would be dereliction of duty for ISOC to do otherwise. And it's entirely normal practice to construct holding companies for transactions of this size.

ICANN is following its own privacy policy? Shocking!

I'm reassured that people like Joe Abley and Suzanne Woolf are involved. Anybody who knows them knows that they will defend the integrity of DNS operation to the end.

Kieran likes to smell smoke whenever ICANN is mentioned, and to imply that since he can smell smoke, there must be a fire. That's not journalism, sorry.

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