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vmware workstation now allows linux as a host? I'm pretty sure that vmware workstation (before it was called that) ran on linux only originally. I was using pre 1.0 on linux back in '99 at least(maybe earlier I don't recall). And have been running vmware (and workstation after they renamed it) on linux ever since. I even had a "VMware 1.0.2 for linux" CD for a long time, wish I still had it, not sure what happened to it.

I want to say vmware for windows hosts didn't appear until 2.0, but I could be remembering wrong.

just for nostalgia I have kept (almost?) all of my vmware downloads, oldest I have is VMware-2.0.3-799.tar.gz (6MB only!!) from Jan 2001. By contrast vmware workstation v15 for linux is a 511MB download. The build number for v15 is 15018445 vs I assume 799 was the build for 2.0.3. That's pretty insane.

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