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Lots of Issues

1. Should this be patentable at all?

At this stage it just seems an idea - maybe something in the ECG signal can be an indicator of nocturnal hypoglycemic events.

The work done so far is with such a small sample and does not test in the target popualtion or for the target events. Most such ideas fail once real testing is done.

The real work and value in such developments is the clinical testing and effidenc eof effectiveness so granting a patent just inhibits potential future development by warning off othergroups who might explore the area.

2. Is this actually convenient?

Even a basic three wire ECG is inconvnient and will almost certainy fall off during sleep. If the point is to monitor overnight then fair enough if it is worth the effort to solve these sort of issues with some sort of wearable device but a pin prick test will often be far more convenient.

3. What is the medical application and does this device actually confer a potentially significant benefit in diagnosis, treatment or monitoring?

4. Are their competing technologies? Certainly I have seen work on trans-dermal glucose monitoing which if it can be made to work sounds a far better more reliable and probably more convenient approach with a lot of applicatiosn not just mmonitoring of events during sleep.

There is nothing wrong with teh work, but puffing it as more than a long shot unlikely to affect medical practice in the future is not realistic but hey it has a buzzword in its favour.

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