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Work is also progressing on 32-bit kernels and 32-bit compatibility api

... and a good thing it is. It's a safe bet that code is being written today that will still be running in 2038 (well the first couple of weeks of 2038 anyway--maybe not after January 18). And furthermore, the simpler, and more forgettable the application, the more likely it is to have a 32 bit time counter. It's unlikely that the Internet will go up in smoke when the 32 bit counters roll over in 2038. And Excel 2037 will, I'm sure, generate innumerable pointless spreadsheets of CFOs far and wide for Feb 2038. But your microwave oven or front door lock may well quit working.

The sooner toolchains and such even for 16 and 32 bit devices are fixed to work beyond 2038, the better.

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