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I think the change he's on about was done longer ago, but hardly noticed. When you're on a forum and logged in, you get a menu at the top right of the page (under the banner) that allows you to find your own posts or create a topic, but no longer has the links to the general and article forums in it. That's now on a larger bar at the top.

I've got to be honest I don't bother with anything but the article forums anymore, because nobody else was. But I do still want to see my own posts, as although there's still no way to see if anyone has replied - I can at least look and see if loads of people have voted on them, which is a clue to an active thread to look into. Or, if I've not posted much, I can just I can just manually click on the links to my last couple of days of posts.

I'm sad not to have a link to be able to get to my own posts. Short of selecting an article, then going to the comments and then finding the menu on the top right to click the My Posts link?

Could we not have a link just to this on the front page? Perhaps along with a thing to say "you are logged in as name click here to log out/go to your account.

Admittedly the lack of ability to do this for the last few days has left me meaning to come to the bugs reporting forum to complain, but then the link went so I couldn't. Well the honest answer was I didn't get round to it...

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