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When you use Western Union or Moneygram in Europe you know it is fraudulent, I do not understand how those businesses can operate here ... I doubt there are any legitimate transations going through them, then again, I have never used the service.


Yeah, yeah - just like TOR is only used by criminals, right?

WU sees millions of perfectly legitimate transactions. As just one example, many people from developing countries work (legally) in Europe or other more developed countries due to the far higher wages. A great many such people use WU to send cash back to their families, for whom a bank account would be impractical or perhaps not trusted.

WU is also used by parents sending cash to offspring travelling in another country when other methods have failed or are impractical (e.g. they lost or invalidated their ATM card).

I've also once used WU to send money to myself when I was on holiday and all the local ATMs ran out of money during a festival. The banks were closed, but there was a WU outlet that was open, and I could make an online money transfer with WU using my debit card details. The country in question had very few places that accepted cards - almost all restaurants and shops etc. took cash only, so I really needed to have paper money.

There are many Westerners who have met & befriended families while holidaying in poor countries and who send regular amounts for family support - again as no member of the family has a bank account, companies like WU are the only way to get cash to them.

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