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"I've never understood why people try to claim the Desktop PC is dead."

The PC market as a whole is shrinking, but desktop sales have halved in 10 years.

While ~80 million units/year is nothing to sneeze at, it's likely to continue to decline at a similar rate (-5m/year) for the foreseeable future. Consolidation and significantly reduced margins have addressed some of the issues, but at some point we will see the reduction in volumes trigger price increases and further reduce sales, although many of these will become laptop/tablet sales.

As for upgrades, you are looking at less than 10% of the overall desktop market that upgrades hardware components after initial "deployment" i.e. components purchased within the first month of installation. That percentage is unlikely to change as the desktop market declines.

Apple is likely tracking underlying market conditions that the Windows 10 upgrades are hiding - it just means Apple will outperform the rest of the market over the next 18-24 months as the post-upgrade decline kicks in.

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