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"Still doing well"

FUCK Xerox. I'll tell you why they're doing well.

Our company has been month to month with them because to reinstate our yearly contract would cost 3x what we have been paying for the past 8 years. They refuse to replace or upgrade any printers until we do it, and all of them are aged and won't work with our new print server software. The only reason the board chose Xerox for a contract is because one of them had Xerox stock and "friends" that worked there. They run our print shop and mailroom too because they valued it incredibly competitively but hiked the price every year, on top of the 3x they want for the main contract now. So we're stuck in this hostage situation, because it will cost even more to hire 5 FTEs for the mailroom and replace every printer—because we rent them as part of the contract, we don't own them and they refused to let us buy them even though the contract says they can allow us to do so.

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