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Desktop PCs will be around for long time yet

I've never understood why people try to claim the Desktop PC is dead.

For home users - yes - most people are making the switch to tablets and/or a laptop, if they haven't already done so. But for people making real things, in the real world (including software for home users) - that's never going to be produced on a tablet. This applies in virtually every sector from manufacturing, finance, ecommerce, design, development, research, government, etc.

The form factor of desktops might change but nobody is going to design the CAD plans for a building on a mobile phone, for example.

Hardware mouse plus keyboard, and a large monitor (or 2 or 3 monitors) == no contest when doing serious work.

I think a lot of people confuse the fact that some business apps - particularly accountancy ones - are advertised as running on mobile so they can be used on the go. Well that is one use-case but from my experience it doesn't mean all financial institutions are suddenly abandoning their desktop PCs and doing 100% of their work on mobile.

The negative Apple stat is interesting but not surprising. Eye-wateringly expensive hardware which isn't always upgradeable. That's a no from me (even as an Apple fan) and a no from the majority of business users. Upgradable desktop hardware is still "a thing" even though some people also seem to think it's died a death.

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