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"What's needed is long term spending on prevention, such as not having forests right up to towns and a fire service that is able to contain fires that break out. But you don't get that from donations like this."

And what if the towns build right up to the edge of forests? Part of the problem is increasing populations and encroachment on existing forests as much as building too close to forests.

Combine that with fuel reduction measures being restricted by properties, changes in water/land usage within affected states resulting in dryer areas and increasing temperatures due to regional and global changes and the extent of the issue becomes clear. The comparison I would make with the UK is flooding - the causes of flooding are as much due to changes in river management and land use as they are to property locations.

Donations will allow the immediate effects to be reduced (i.e. replacing damaged or lost property) and increasing preventative measures because the wider environmental issues are likely to take 10-30 years to address assuming the Australian government has the cajones to tackle the issues rather than just let rich industrialists (of which Bezos is not one) ride roughshod over the environment to allow them to make a few more dollars..

As for the animals, the worst types of animals - politicians - appear to have been largely unaffected by the disaster.

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