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AI of the needle: Here's how neural networks could detect nighttime low blood-sugar levels using your heart beat


This sounds like an AI solution looking for it's problem... rather than a problem that needs to be solved.

As a long term diabetic I now only use the traditional finger prick technique a couple of times a week at most. The rest of the time I wear a patch that last 2 weeks, that takes a measurement and stores it in it's memory every few minutes, scan the patch with an NFC smartphone or it's dedicated reader 4-5 times throughout a day and I get graphs of my blood glucose levels over the whole 24 hour period.

I find keeping track of my blood glucose neither annoying or painful, it's just a fact of life. I suspect the faff of effectivley rigging myself up to an ECG that can take accurate enough readings would be considerably more effort.

I luckily dont worry too much about hypo's but, for those that do there are similar solutions that can continually monitor your blood glucose 24 hours a day, and alert you if your in danger, they're currently expensive but they work, are available now, in the UK funded by the NHS for those that really do need them.

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