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Re: The problem with small-scale private philanthropy by the wealthiest is that it achieves little

The other problem is if everyone waits until ALL the supposedly relevant rich persons have donated to something to see if they need to donate then we enter a dangerous situation.

Which is why rich citizens usually don't fund all of local fundraising targets for a new medical widget for the children's hospital even they can and they want to, it would lead to the community relying on them to step forward for everything.

I often wonder if Andrew Carnegie, the Besos of his day, ever regretted starting to endow libraries. He ended up funding quite a few. He could afford it but it demonstrates the slippery slope. Here in Scotland many of those buildings are still there, still solid, still hosting libraries. Here in Dundee none of the network of suburban libraries have closed. The central facility continues to be very good. Because our politics are diferent and ScotGov cares about such things. Oh and we have had an SNP controlled council for quite a long time now.

Those silly enough to elect Tory councils might have different results. More shamefully in several places up here Labour has formed coalitions with the Tories despite the SNP being the largest party simply to stop the SNP. The group in Aberdeen even got suspended by the party, but only because they didn't seek central office (Scotland branch office) sanction for the details of the deal. So even if the SNP are returned as the biggest party as it is in many places default Unionism takes over despite Labour and SNP policies being highly compatible.

There is even a name for this: the Bain Principle after Willie Bain who first articulated it. Thou shalt never back an SNP measure even when it is in your manifesto and you support it 100% and have campaigned for it for decades.

Note the UK Labour party has been promising to abolish/reform the HoL since its inception. Up here it has resurrected the Federalism Fairy once again. This entity looks a lot like Gordon Broon only more moth eaten and less credible.

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