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ICANN finally reveals who’s behind purchase of .org: It’s ███████ and ██████ – you don't need to know any more

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The legacy of hippies is hipocrasy and nieve optimism.

Honor based agreements are pointless there is no imperative in evolution to do anything but exploit opportunities for your own (and your genetic legacies possibly?) advantage

Admitadly the pioneers never dreamed that the just about working infrastructure would go public and grow to be cheap enough for all not just those with a spare building or 2 for a mainframe, but still a lot of product development was missed by taki g the academic solution as is, as the commercial one. Much like dns ipv4 and tls radical overhaul of the underlying systems and institutions is needed.

I see the encumbrants much like xml over specified fragmented and utterly unable to deliver the initial promise through bloat and mission creep, desperately in need of something like json to be a better (but still flawed) refinement of the idea...

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