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Re: siri supports 21 languages?

Bixby's primary failing is the Bixby-button.

A hard key that I cannot reassign to do a function of use to me, that pops up an annoying reminder that it's only usable for Bixby every time I press it by mistake? Especially when (at launch) it couldn't even do English.

I now despise Bixby and will never even consider using it, no matter how good it's claimed to be, because that button has made it an annoying electronic idiot who keeps butting in.

If that button had been originally shipped as configurable - or even possible to fully disable - then I'd have simply forgotten about Bixby until Bixby becomes usable in my lingo.

And then I might have tried it. But no, it had to be repeatedly forced upon me when still utterly useless. So now I will not, cannot and will never use it.

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