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Re: Bothered

Something seems very wrong here.

I beg to differ ...


I'm absolutely outraged.


Everything about this is wrong.


No ...

It's quite evident.

The main purpose of carrying this out and doing it in the way they have done it was to do it in the shade/under the blankets and as far away from public scrutiny as possible.

I am certain that these DHs and all those involved in backing and/or allowing this scheme to continue are nothing but run of the mill investment fund raiders (ie: white glove thieves) that found a way to make some easy money creating an oportunity and then finding a loophole to exploit it.

This is only happening for the benefit of those backing this outrageous deal, benefit which is very long them and absolutely huge and (of course) at the expense of the many.

It will be to the whole of the world society's benefit that this rip-off does not go through.

ie. gets stopped ASAP.


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