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Not exactly a reasonable comparison

"Bezos [...] would pay [...] six per cent of his worth. The average American pays 14 per cent of their income in taxes."

Those things are not equivalent measures and are pretty hopeless as a comparison.

As an example, my mum bought a house in the 1990 worth £15k. Now it's 10x that. She gets no extra cash out of it, and had no say- or interest- in how house prices change.

You're suggesting that she should be paying an extra £9,000 a year in tax because a house valuation says the materially unchanged house is worth more?

You know what, I'd like to buy your home for $1Mn.

Your home now has a market price of $1Mn. You think 14% is a reasonable rate, so go pay 14% of your asset value every year to the taxman. $140k this year, $140k next year, $140k the year after- forever paying but never actually realising that $1M value.

Or just pay 14% of your income, with the money you save going to a math textbook.

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