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There are lots of laptop users, and for each, a different kind of laptop is useful. I carry mine around quite frequently, so being somewhat light is important, but I don't need it to be unusually thin. Neither do I need one with a desktop's worth of processing inside it; sixteen gigabytes is enough memory for everything I need it to do, and if I need more, I have no problem offloading the task to a server. Those characteristics don't apply to everybody. Similarly, I would be interested in a revival of the netbook, specifically in the sense of a device with a very small screen, keyboard, and asking price. While there are others who might want that as well, the concept doesn't seem particularly popular with the general public. Some people want a laptop with the power of a workstation and others want it to be as thick as a sheet of cardboard. Fortunately, there is something around for both of those people, just not the same thing.

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