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Re: 2028 problem on Sperry / Univac / Unisys mainframes

Thanks for bringing it up. I knew there was a problem but haven't done any Unisys work in a bit and didn't remember the year it would go belly up.

Well they did fix it for the 2200 OS log file. That used an unsigned 72 bit nanoseconds since December 31, 1899,. But at the time we were rewriting all the log file processing to handle the completely new log files (everything changed). We still used the old TDATE$ format to print dates. We could convert the new date/time format to TDATE$ with an Exec supplied library call, but there wasn't any library routines to print the new date out directly.

We should have made our own code to print the new dates out. Then Unisys wouldn't have had to make up an excuse for why the start date was December 31, 1899 (that's not a typo). Seems someone in the Exec didn't know that 1900 was not a leap year. And no one noticed it till after it was released to customers.

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