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I just find it funny how the "nation of tea drinkers" often serve stuff that more or less comitted tea-drinkers from the rest of the world find awful


There could be a simple reason for that. Because we're a nation of tea drinkers, everyone drinks the stuff. Which means that lots of people are drinking the cheaper ones or the brands that they grew up with.

Whereas, if you come from a country where tea is only drunk by connoisseurs, then the people who drink it are going to be much more fussy about what they get.

I like tea, and care about which ones I drink. But Sainsbury's Red Label is still delicious as a basic everyday "breakfast tea" blend. I prefer that to quite a few of the expensive speciality ones I've tried.

It also matters if you have your tea with milk. A lot of the taste is disguised by milk, so if you've always drunk it with milk and two sugars - it doesn't matter as much what you're having. You drink what you're used to.

I also find that loose leaf tea is probably not much "better" than tea from teabags. Although you're more likely to get better quality (and pay more for it). But the consistency of your tea will be much higher made in a teapot (even with tea bags) than made in a cup - where how you pour it and how long you steep it seems to make a much bigger difference in how the tea tastes.

Darjeeling, black, no sugar please.

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