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Science has made a major leap

Let me see if I get this straight: So people occasionally drinking a cup of tea might live up to a year more than those who never ever drink any tea? If this is an advertisement for tea the benefit is much too small, make it a decade, insist on good health till the end.

First of all, the limit of "tea-drinking habit" is set so low it is hard to not be included, especially in a country where tea is traditional (I guess, never been there). So, who are those bad apples who never drink any tea, despite the environment? Hm?

Second, one year is not much, it's all too near to the noise level. It might as well be caused by socio-economic differences (rich vs. poor, city dweller vs. peasant), did they filter for that?

Third, there have already been number of studies (many to be found here on El Reg) proving that tea (and coffee, or tea, but not coffee, or coffee, but not tea - and wine too, red, but not white, actually white too, but not beer, although beer too) are lowering the risk of some specific health problems.

If I had to summarize the whole discussion I'd say "Actually it seems that several traditional drinks might have some minor health benefits"... Yes, so we've been told.

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