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I heart the comments here

It's life affirming that not everyone is as irrational as other forums suggest.

My first love is now a small business owner who recently told me she'd sacked an employee for stealing from her till and stealing a charity box. I think she expected me to side with the thief but I told her the sacking was just and I would have called the cops for the charity box. My first loves complaint is she pays twenty times more in local taxes than the shops across the road.

It's worth bearing in mind that a year in prison costs tax payers circa £45k.

I have a funny anecdote about a Spanish girl who was taken to court for eating a policeman's sandwich after he arrested her for shop lifting a sandwich. She got off after calling him 'a fat peeg' in court, partly because he was portly. I got her benefits in the UK after a year of her sleeping rough and being wrongly told by the DWP that she didn't qualify for benefits here.

We live in an irrational society full of irrational systems. It's your job to fix that.

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