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Only makes sense if:

1) It has a tablet mode / touch screen. Maybe by dual boot of Andriod (or iOS) and Linux/Win10 (or Mac OS). Yes I know Chrome OS exists.

2) The Keyboard can fold under it. See 1.

3) Lots of battery life, like 10 hours of normal use.

Maybe it's not sensible with an x86-64 unless you really like W10. Maybe Apple will switch to ARM (they've used 68K, Power PC, x86-32/64 and x86-64 only so far) for Mac OS / laptops.

Even regular laptops are getting too skinny and battery life is underwhelming.

I've only ever (in over 20 years) used a laptop on a table or desk. I replaced a garbage W10 Atom based tablet/laptop with a 10" ARM tablet and proprietary wireless keypad. The BT keyboards are all rubbish and the USB based keyboard dock for the W10 was rubbish because of the steel plates needed inside to stop it toppling over. Fold out legs on tablet or arms on keyboard make more sense. Also what do you do with large keyboard dock in tablet mode? The €12 wireless keyboard fits in my pocket.

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