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> I don't see how it's a scam. You can call it a tax on the ignorant or preying on the weak but it delivers large prizes at very high odds, or very low prizes at low odds.

If I place a £1 bet with odds of 14m:1, I'd prefer to get £14m in winnings if it paid off (or at least close to it if I discounted the charitable bit)

> I do play the lottery, I know the chance of being hit by an asteroid is higher, but it's a bit of fun and things I could do with the ticket money wouldn't be terribly significant.

You may well find it a bit of fun, but it's the poorest, generally, who spend the most on lottery tickets, yet their communities are overlooked in lottery projects

Pretty much all gambling is a scam to shift money from the punter to the pocket of the betting shop

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