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I see the future ...


"Do you have a question Dave?"

"Yes Google. Using your super dooper new quantum computing power, can you tell me, when is the peak of a man's life?"

>Time passes ...

"Yes Dave. The answer is '42' ... I think."

"Pardon Google?"

"Well according to the output distribution, my best guess is '42' but it could also be 'chilli massala', 'octopus testicles' or 'the inevitably rubbish episodes of Doctor Who at Christmas'."

"How did you work that out Google?"

>Time passes ... a dwarf throws an axe ... It misses when it mysteriously turns into a not-actually-veggie plant burger and auto-deposits into the nearest bin ...

"My answer was based on the QC output which showed the demonstrable probability that consuming a portion of Octopus Testicle Chilli Massala with your mates whilst watching a Christmas episode of Doctor Who in the Pub and everyone winding up with fatal food poisoning actually decreases after the age of 42."


"Yes Dave, they're dead Dave"

"Octopus tescticles ..."

"No it's true. They're all dead Dave"

"Thank you Google. Now compute the likelihood that QC is a load of octopus testicles."

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