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One problem with GPS, GLONASS and Beidou is that they are all primarily military systems, under the control of the military leadership in their respective countries and their commercial services can be turned off at will, for military reasons, in part or all of their operating areas. Galileo is not a military system and one of the primary intended uses is for transport, in conjunction with EGNOS. In particular, EGNOS and Galileo will allow aircraft full CAT1 Autloand in a few years time, without the need for ILS infrastructure at airports.

Barring non-EU countries from PRS use was a British idea but the EC has acted somewhat vindictively where it comes to the UK. Last spring, the EC sent a memo to all EU27 national governments, telling them that "the UK is not to be trusted on matters of security". This was at the same time as the EC were insisting that they have access to UK intelligence information, as part of the withdrawal agreement and when UK forces have been protecting eastern Europe from the big bad Russians, under the auspices of NATO. The EC's attitude and complications as regards non-NATO EU members maybe encouraging an increase in the importance/use of 5 Eyes.

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