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well I like Earl Grey (black tea) with enough sugar in it to kill the bitter... as well as my daily quad cappuccino with lots of "fake sugar": (stevia) in it, and heavy cream in the foamy stuff. An chocolate syrup. yum!

I often use bags of Twining's English Breakfast to make iced tea. 4 bags makes 1 gallon of it (on the stove for ~10 minutes in a large pot on high, just short of boiling) then cool it in a sink partly full of water, then into a pitcher with 2.5 cups equivalent of stevia, and some 'fake vanilla' to go with it, or maybe peppermint oil, or something equally interesting, THEN into the fridge. I typically do a gallon of such tea every couple of days. Gotta maintain those caffeine levels!

/me wonders what kinds of looks of shock and horror will emerge from this description.

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