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That linked article is a pretty good summary of the pros and cons of fluoride water treatment, from a mid twentieth century viewpoint. The author strays from neutrality by careful use of pejorative words like pollution (like weeds, pollution is something that's not owanted in particular contexts.) Pretending that FSA is something frightening, but carefully not revealing what FSA is. (Fluorosilicic acid. OOH! It's an acid! Run for the hills. Err wait, I've got acid in my stomach;) If FSA is contaminated with arsenic, then it requires further treatment, not abandonment.

Flaming Death, via Frank Zelko, seems to think that we should have waited until the 21st century before introducing fluoride for the prevention of tooth decay. I'd like to know how much chemistry Frank Zelko has been taught.

In the light of 21st century knowledge, we can now further optimise the use of this frightening pollutant:). Does Flaming Death have a better plan to optimise fluoride levels in humans?

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