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Re: "but could for example, also be done through ads on a trusted website"

It depends on the site and the expectations of that sort of thing. For example, the well-regarded Phoronix is essentially a one-man-band, but it is constantly updated, read by lots of people and runs forums. Constant updates mean spending time on the site, which often means it's impossible to run the thing as a hobby alongside "real work". A large readership means typical low-end servers can't cope - for €25 a year you are getting, what, 100MB per month bandwidth, and a few GB of storage? Running forums is even more difficult as you need someone to keep an eye on things because spanners will put people off and people posting illegal content or links will eventually attract the attention of the authorities.

Somehow that all has to be paid for and I have no problem at all with small sidebar or even in-line adverts, but I really do have a problem with ads which rely on third-party script, as nearly all of them have as their joint-primary purpose tracking you across the web. I particularly hate those which prevent the site content loading until you agree to this tracking, and "cookie consent" banners which won't go away until you have clicked "I consent" and (and I'm sure this is illegal) don't offer you an "I don't consent" option.

I'm sure many here have sites such as doubleclick and google-analytics permanently disabled or black-holed. In my case, if that breaks a website, I make do without.

Or I only browse from work, where I don't have control over such stuff :-)


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