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*loud clear voice*

"MICROSOFT! Look at me, no not over there, at me. Concentrate on my fingers, you there? Now listen carefully. You have to concentrate on making sure Windows is not a steaming bolted together crap-bucket of code, OK? You need to work on getting the old cruddy 32bit junk out. No, I never said it would be easy and you might have to go a bit...Oi listening to me! You might have to go a bit Apple and piss a lot of people off to get it done, cutting stuff out but you'll feel better for it. Too many people expect you keep spoonfeeding them by supporting old crud, nice stuff like Powershell and .Net are great but having PS still able to tap into Win32 API, come on! If you going to head into the 21st Century properly you don't need all that 1980 and 1990s crud holding you back. Got it? Right, off you go then."

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