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I am broot: The Reg chats to French dev about Rust tool that aims to improve directory navigation

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Yes, learning should be encouraged... but I dont think we should encourage everyone to learn what you know, or what OP knows. This article is about a better tool. If you hire a builder a hes using medieval wood scaffold instead a rig/crane/modern scaffold.... yea its bad, there is a better way

Usually once people know one way of achieving a goal they are not interested in a better way. So rather than sharing arcane knowledge and lamenting "these days", take an objective look and decide for yourself, but I dont think 3 commands piped together beats one for any standalone goal ( "thing" ), even if it is easy to do after acquiring the knowledge. You've got to read 3 man pages instead one. Better tools should be desirable, lots of damage is being caused by unsafe practices which are not helped by people following their traditions instead of learning a better way.

So, in short, you may object to my flippant tone but you've failed to convince me that the original poster had a valid complaint.

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