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the term "Supremacy"

Is a term of art in this field, so your objections should be addressed to those who coined and popularized it, not to the Google researchers.

a calcification [sic] specifically rigged for the target platform

It's not "rigged". It's a problem that had been proposed, by other researchers, years ago, for testing QCs with uncorrected qubits.

does nothing that can't be done on another platform

Quantum computational supremacy has nothing to do with problems that can't be solved in principle by a conventional machine (the principle in question being the Extended Church-Turing thesis). It has to do with problems that are infeasible to solve on conventional systems. And the biggest problem Google threw at Sycamore (the depth-20 one) is right at the edge of what Summit can handle (at the moment - with some algorithmic improvements they might be able to squeeze a slightly larger one on there).

doesn't do anything useful

There's at least one known application. Read Aaronson's blog.

The minimum we should accept for a claim of limited Quantum Supremacy would be the blah blah I know more than actual researchers in this field

Yes, you're very smart. Everyone working in QC should immediately bow before the wisdom of Anonymous Coward and change their definitions.

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