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Is it a make-up mirror? Is it a tiny frisbee? No, it's the bonkers Cyrcle Phone, with its TWO headphone jacks

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Yep, I bet it will roll fantastically.

Now, instead of the age-old tedium of dropping your phone onto the pavement/sidewalk and instantly smashing the screen, you will now have the delightful choice of outcomes where you drop it and watch it continue to roll:

a) into the road, where it will miraculously escape all the thundering traffic wheels - though you, chasing it in a panic, won't.

b) into the road and straight down a drain - I wonder if those dual headphone sockets are waterproof...

c) into the road where it will come to rest (wedged more like) in some tram tracks totally unharmed, though you, of course, will be unable to unwedge it before the oncoming tram reduces it (and possibly you as well) to its (and your) component molecules.

d) off the pathway in the local park and onto the grass in front of the man driving the motorised mowing machine. The man is, of course, oblivious to your shouting as he is wearing headphones and listening to a very old Genesis song, yum de dum de dum.

e) off the pathway in the local park and onto the grass before coming to an abrupt halt in a fresh and only partially concealed doggie "present" that the dog's owner couldn't be arsed to bag up and dispose of properly.

f) after its sharper than expected edge has sliced off at least one of your toes as you were stupid enough to wear sandals.

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