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AWS Lightsail makes an interesting point of comparison.

One observation is that AWS is probably one of the few places where, due to their sheer scale, hardware failures like borked disks must happen quite regularly. So whereas a small provider will have a theoretical disaster recovery plan that you hope they have rehearsed, AWS will have a routine and frequently-used process to deal with failures.

The main storage on a Lightsail instance is EBS, which is replicated within the same “availability zone”. So it should be resilient to a single disk failure, similar to how RAID is. You can then configure it to make incremental snapshots on whatever schedule you need, and these are distributed around the different availability zones in the same region.

Pricewise there are various options; compare Gandi’s “M” plan (120 GB bandwidth, 20 GB storage, about €10/month IIUC) with Lightsail’s $10/month plan : 3 TB bandwidth, 60 GB storage. You can have that in London, Dublin or a load of other places.

Lightsail’s (and AWS’s) weak point, in my experience, is the support; it seems to use Mechanical Turk and/or chatbots, rather than actual support humans. But compared to my experience with Gandi (and another European provider, Scaleway), things generally don’t go wrong so you don’t need support.

Of course this is an apples-and-oranges comparison in many ways.

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