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For my part I can see the return to hanging for bread theft from the wrong person as being very near on the horizon.

"Harsher punishment" actually only means something if the guilty are arrested, go though court and are convicted of a crime they commited.

"Harsher punishment" i.e. longer prison sentences instead of police actually making crime not pay (quantity beats quality here, the more than know that the police deal deal with crime the fewer will attempt it) is not money well spent, neither is it money well spent if the people they punish are not guilty.

From my own experience and that of people I know the police are just not that interested, you ring them up and attempt to they fix the "customer" rather than the customer's problem, the guilty literally walk past them and are identified by eye-witnesses and they are not interested, even video of dangerous driving complete with number plate that appears on the "paid road tax" is a vehicle they cannot find, they say. I would say that they are choosing who to punish based upon who is complaining

For my part getting the police to do the job they are paid for would be a better investment than "harsher punishment". They used to hang people for all sorts of things and that did not prevent the crimes. "Harsher punishment" and "fix the client" are just cheap alternatives to actual crime prevention.

If you actually want to prevent crime then there are a few things that have been proven to actually work.

Remove poverty, isolation, disenfrancisement and allow a route for all your citizens to obtain what they reasonably desire without having to break the law.

Include everyone in the task of preventing crime, an isolated group alone like the police can do nothing useful if they are not supported by society on the whole. This means that the police need to be accessible, approachable and overtly effective to everyone not just those that "matter" and the police should stay out of politics which is both not part of their job and marks them as supporting only a percentage of the people who pay for them.

You may cheer when someone who deserves it recieves what you may call a fitting punishment but what about all the others who got away to repeat their crimes because they were not the people the police were interested in punishing that week

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