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The world + dogfish were logged into US DoD because of default passwords and easily guessed passwords. One of Gary McKinnon's mistakes was to log in from a country with (usually simple) extradition to the US. Perhaps it really costs $10,000 to generate a few hundred random passwords, write them on post-it notes, stick them to monitors and change the passwd file to match. Add another $690,000 for staff training to not read those passwords aloud to anyone who phones up and the DoD would have plugged the hole.

It was unreasonable of the DoD to assign the entire bill to Mr McKinnon. Likewise assigning the full £230K to Batson is unreasonable when much of that money prevented a thousand other leeches doing the exact same thing.

9 months in prison seems reasonable under the circumstances but he does deserve big thank you for the incompetence required to be detected so quickly.

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